Yorba Linda, California

Live Western Bluebird Camera

at Wild Birds Unlimited in Yorba Linda


Every year we are thrilled with the Western Bluebirds that nest in the bluebird box on our store grounds.  Our customers have shared our joy by watching our bluebirds nest every year via our in-store web cam.  Now, folks everywhere can have this same opportunity by watching our live feed.  

We hope you'll tune in often and enjoy it as well!  


February 2017 - the most dominant male and female of our "regular" 4-6 member Western Bluebird flock appeared to have chased off the others, claiming this territory as their own

March 11, 2017  - Mama started building her nest

March 26, 2017 - the nest is about 1/4 size

March 28, 2017 - the nest appears about 2/3 complete


In the days ahead, watch for:

Daddy bluebird (darker blue) bringing Mama pine needles and long grasses to build her nest in the box.

Mama using her bill to place the nesting material, then her wings and feet to make the cup-shaped nest that will hold the eggs.

She will lay one egg a day, most likely for 5 days. (Occasionally 6!)

Stay tuned!