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Hot Pepper Bark Butter Bits

Birds Love It, Critters Don't

We added a little spice to the bird food that is enjoyed by more than 140 different bird species. Our exclusive Jim’s Birdacious® Hot Pepper Bark Butter® Bits are great for attracting birds, including many that do not normally visit feeders, while deterring squirrels.

To discover which birds are in your backyard, offer Bark Butter Bits in a tray, seed tube or hopper feeder. Also, try mixing them in with your existing foods, like mealworms to attract even more birds.

20% OFF All Hot Pepper Products*

*Valid at Wild Birds Unlimited of Yorba Linda through August 27, 2017

Lesser Goldfinch

Goldfinches Enjoy Colorful Backyard Birds

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Summer Clearance Sale August 11-13

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