Nesting SuperBlend



Stay seasonally savvy and give your birds Nesting SuperBlend when they need it the most. This is what your birds need from early Spring through early Fall to meet their needs to support nesting and all the feather changes that come from molting.



Nesting SuperBlend

Available in 7 lb bag and 2 lb cylinder

Our nesting blend is especially formulated with essential protein and calcium for nesting & molting families. Protein and calcium are crucial nutrients for birds throughout every stage of the nesting process and beyond. These nutrients aid in egg development and plays a key role in how many a female lays. Upon hatching, young birds need lots of protein to grow healthy muscle fibers and tissues, as well as for feather development. Post-nesting, most birds go into their molting stage, needing to start fresh with healthy new feathers to prepare for Fall and Winter.

This high protein seed blend is packed full of sunflower chips, peanuts, mealworms, bark butter bits, nutrasaff, tree nuts and calcium. 

Nesting SuperBlend is highly attractive to a wide variety of bird species, including warblers, bluebirds, wrens, grosbeaks, chickadees and many others

It’s great when offered alone or mixed in with your favorite Wild Birds Unlimited seed.


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How to feed Nesting SuperBlend

Seed Cylinder Feeders

Flying Bistro


Tray Feeders

Featherweight Hanging Tray Feeder


Bluebird Double Cup Feeder will also work for loose Nesting SuperBlend Seed


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